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Cattle and sheep feed for fattening, following weaning
The dairy pellets are produced by extrusion – a unique process that greatly improves the availability of feed components and cellulose and protein digestion.
The extrusion strongly contributes to microbial cleanliness of the pellets. When the process is completed, a light pellet is obtained, which can be covered in the stomach juices. The pellets are coated with oil and flavor and aroma substances that are willingly consumed by very young ruminants.

The purpose of serving dairy pellets
The appetizing nature of the dairy pellets boosts the amount of food the young animals consume, contributing to development of the stomach, and eases weaning and the transition to solid food. Because young animals consume more solid food with high-quality proteins and carbohydrates, they grow better and have enhanced performance.

The pellets ingredients:
Soy proteins, vegetable oils, milk powder, whey powder, toxin binder, vitamins and minerals, microelements, and flavor and aroma substances

15 kg polyethylene bags

Keep in a cool and shaded place

The recipe:

% Protein
% Fat
% Cellulose
% Calcium
% Potassium
% Moisture