Substituting Milk for your cattle? Here’s what you need to know

Milk substitutes are pretty common these days for supplying the basic nutrition to cattle and their kids. The reasons are plenty.

Selective breeding is a norm and milk substitutes play a huge role in providing for the cattle while they are being brought up a certain way without having to compromise on their balanced diet and nutrition.

But how do you differentiate between a good milk substitute brand and the rest of the other brands in the market? What are the required mandatory ingredients in any milk substitute you use in replacement or natural milk or your domestic animals.

Let’s delve into these datils and understand them better.

Why is it advised to substitute milk for your cattle?

Contrary to traditional methods of weaning, the cattle today mostly rely upon milk substitutes to meet their dietary requirements. But why do we use milk substitutes when one can easily resort to using the milk of their mother?

Here are a few reasons why this practice has become a norm these days:

  • Milk substitute is easy, convenient, cheaper, and safer.
  • The cattle can be fed a much more nutritious and balanced diet suing Milk substitute which is seldom possible with the natural feeding process.
  • The owners can use additives like probiotic and prebiotic components, healthy fats, and proteins in the milk substitute for added advantage and healthier growth of the cattle.
  • Milk substitutes can be customised for each animal as per the body composition and breeding method. It will not just impart the health benefits to the cattle but also catalyse their growth and development.
  • It is far cheaper and much more profitable to use milk substitutes than natural milk. For example, the cost of 8 litres of natural cow’s milk is equivalent to 1 litre of milk substitute.

In conditions of sickness or allergies of the animal, milk substitutes can also carry medicines which will only serve as an added advantage of the cattle. One can use automatic feeders, bottles or buckets to feed the cattle conveniently and easily with milk substitutes.

What makes Halavit the best quality milk replacer company?

A milk replacer needs to stay true to certain factors in order to qualify itself as a good industry for milk substitutes. Having said that, it is just not enough to complete the requirements.

The bets company not just meets the basic requirements but also surpasses them, which is exactly what Halavit aims to achieve for its clients and customers.

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